Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Scratch 4 Mil
Peel Strength 7lb /inch
Ultra Violet Block 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 17%
Shades / (VLT) 100%
Anti Graffiti Film Demo

This 4mil Clear 100% VLT universal film is for interior and exterior use. This film has a special scratch-resistant coating Ideal for sky trains, buses, store front windows, stadiums, elevators, public washrooms and glass showcases. This film acts to protect the glass against etching/gouging and will stop graffiti vandals with a wipe-clean surface that shrugs off most spray, paint, pen and acid.

This film is designed to prevent replacing large expensive glass or mirrors by simply peeling away the damaged film and re-applying it.

Width Length Price
Full Roll Only 60’’ 100’ Contact Us
Anti Graffiti Film

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