Tint Tools

Blue Max & Handle

All pro-window tinters has this tool. It’s fast for laying down the film.

Price $25.00 SOLD OUT

Hard Card

you’ll need that extra push to get out that water behind the film. Perfect card to do it. You’ll have this card for a life time!

Price $5.00 SOLD OUT


This tool is for removing small creases and hiding particles.

Price $4.00

Stainless Steel Cleaning Blade

you’ll need to clean your windows and the best way to do that is with this blade. We only recommend and sell stainless steel blades this will help prevent cutting glass.

Price $1.00

Spray Bottle & Trigger& Soap Application

You’ll need to spray the glass and film with a good sprayer.

Price $7.00 SOLD OUT

Scrub Pad

use this to clean the bevel of the glass and to clean on the rear window. It won’t scratch glass or hurt defroster lines. Size 3 X 3

Price $4.00


Good tool to clean hard to reach areas & good tool for laying down film behind gaskets.

Price $12.00 SOLD OUT

50 Pack Of Blades

Cutting film when it’s on glass

Price $15.00

Package Deal

White Hard Card x1
Cleaning Blade x2
Scrub Pad x1
Conquistador x1
Spray Bottle & Trigger x1

Price $25.00